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About Us

About  M&J USA Import/Export Co


      M&J USA Import/Export Co, is a Second Hand Wholesale - Worldwide Export - Used Clothing, shoes and other apparels, has been wholesaling nationwide since 2006 we are now an importer and exporting  based off-price wholesale company selling world-wide. 
    At M&J USA Import/Export Co. we are committed to offering the
lowest unit prices in the industry regardless of the small minimum requirements. We specialize in finding cancellations, overstocks, closeouts and supplying small retailers, e-tailers, eBayers & dropshippers with small quantities and a huge selection at unbelievable prices to make them more than competitive in the retail marketplace.

   M&J USA Import/Export Co, Origins Mis. Juana and Mr.Mario  Rodrigues (holding hat), they are the founders and still owner of M&J USA Import/Export Co. They started selling handbags at the local swapmeet in Los Angeles, California. They moved into an industrial warehouse and started wholesaling nationwide.

They say:

"We know how important it is to have a supplier you can totally trust. The only reason I survived in this business was because I was lucky enough to find a supplier that was totally honest and always gave me good rock solid advice and very good deals. His name is Joe Rosco, a really smart, smart guy. Now that I'm a supplier we both deal in business and are close friends."


We have to give the same great opportunities to my Customers, if they don't do good, we don't do good!" From the earliest  days to the present, M&J USA Import/Export Co, has focused on "off-price" merchandise to provide genuine bargains to it's customers. 

M&J USA Import/Export Co, buys large lots, odd-lots, cancellations and closeouts to provide merchandise at "way below wholesale prices" to it's customers.
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